Smart Buster is a small and powerfull , user friendly application
that combines many functions:


unistall You can uninstall as many programs as you want in one pass, much faster than Windows Add/Remove Programs.This is a great way to free up space on your computer. Files left behind by uninstallers and invalid uninstaller references will automatically be removed.

Quickest way to uninstall a program straight from your desktop is by dropping it's shortcut (.lnk) on SmartBuster icon or by right clicking the link and choosing SmartBust from the context menu. (see movie)


StartUP Manager

startup A panoramic view on all programs that run at computer start up (registry, start up folder, win.ini-system.ini, non Microsoft services) and the quickest way to get rid of them. It is very useful when you want to get rid of spyware programs.

Diskspace Manger

diskspacemanager An simple and efficent directory size viewer. Find and delete those folders that waste so much space!

Junk Buster and Trace Buster

junkbuster Simplest way to clean junk files (cookies, browser cache, temp folders, junk files in root, etc) and destroy any traces of using the PC (browser history, typed urls, recent docs, index.dat files and more..) but in the same time a good way to see what others have been doing on your PC

Duplicate File Buster

duplicate-buster Find true file duplicates on your computer better and faster than many other similar commercial utilities.

Instant Shutdown

icon-power-button About 2 seconds in Windows XP. No dialogs, no hanging applications, no nothing. Take a look! You can also set the time of shutdown or let SmartBuster shutdown your computer when downloads are finished. (based on folder size monitoring, not network activity)

Smart Shredder

shredder Really delete files, making their recovery impossible (by any software)

Task Manager

taskmanager Terminate programs or windows that take to much time to close or are not responding.With one click you can close all non Windows processes or free up RAM.

All you have to do is select a category, choose what you want to "bust" and then press the BUST button (
X) and you're done!

SmartBuster Video Presentation